Zero-Waste Picnic Essentials: Enjoying the Outdoors Sustainably

Zero-Waste Picnic Essentials: Enjoying the Outdoors Sustainably

With summer in full swing, it just calls for a picnic outdoors! As we all venture outside to enjoy the sun, fresh air and take in nature at its beautiful peak, it’s crucial we do so responsibly. Picnics are a great way to get outside, share great food & snacks, enjoy the weather, and it’s an easy way to practice that zero-waste lifestyle! 

Whether you are with friends, family, or your significant other, picnics are a great way to destress and enjoy a meal outdoors. But, don’t forget to pack out what you pack in! There are many swaps you can make to your picnic basket to make it a more sustainable adventure and reduce the amount of waste. 

Here’s your picnic essentials list! 

Picnic Basket or Canvas Bag

You can’t have a picnic without the snacks! Pack all of your items into a picnic basket (a regular deep basket can make a great picnic basket — stop by the thrift store to find one!) or a large canvas tote. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as it holds all your essentials!

Picnic Blanket

Elevate your picnic with a blanket to set the scene. A thick blanket with a waterproof underside is great for outings like these to avoid wet grass or wet ground soaking through. But, a bed sheet will do, too! Plus, the blanket provides you with a wider surface to set your picnic items on.

Reusable Plates and Utensils

Ditch the single-use plastics or paper utensils and plates! Instead, bring reusable plates or containers and utensils. Tare Market offers a variety of reusable utensils crafted from sustainable materials such as bamboo or stainless steel, and reusable containers that make packing away your picnic much easier, too. These alternatives are durable, easy-to-clean and ensure that your picnic is waste-free.

Foldable Cutlery Set


Silicone Bento Box



Square Lunch Container


Single Bamboo Utensil



Reusable Water Bottles & Mugs

Skip the single-use plastic bottles and opt for bringing your own water bottles and reusable glasses, or mugs! Plastic cups can be convenient and easy to store but many times, they are not recyclable and if they do get put in the recycling bin, only a small percentage can actually be recycled in local facilities. Bring your own reusable water bottle to refill at public water fountains, or prepare a drink in a pitcher to share in mugs! 


Food and Snacks (in Reusable Containers!)

Prepare your food and snacks ahead of time and pack into reusable containers like silicone Stasher bags or tupperware for an easy, convenient way to pack your picnic snacks. These are great alternatives to single-use plastic storage bags and can be cleaned & reused over and over!

Alternatively, bring your food and snacks in ready-to-eat plates or bowls and protect with beeswax wraps! They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns and are an incredible sustainable and natural alternative to cling film. 


Stasher Silicone Food Storage Bags
Quart Size (Travel)
Half Gallon


Bee's Wrap

$6.49 - $19.99


Opt for reusable cloth napkins like the Unpaper Towels instead of disposable paper napkins. These reusable “paper” towels are easy to use and clean — after using, simply toss in the washing machine and they’re ready to accompany you on your next adventure whether at home, camping, or on a picnic. 

With the summer heat, don’t forget as well to bring sunscreen and wear a hat to protect your skin from the sun and a good book to read! 

Eco-conscious picnicking is not only possible, but it can also make the activity more enjoyable knowing you’re reducing your waste output. By incorporating these zero-waste swaps into your picnic basket, you can enjoy nature without harming the environment. 

So, pack your basket and grab your reusable gear.

It’s time to picnic! 

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