All programs listed are available at both of our Minneapolis locations unless otherwise stated.


At Tare Market, we work with many local-to-Minneapolis vendors that offer closed-loop programs on their packaging. Reduce the impact of your favorite products even further by bringing them back in after use!

Zoopitee Herbals - return any Zoopitee tin for $1 off
Sustain Yourself - return clean jar with label removed and receive $1 off ($0.50 off for 1 oz jar returns)
Sebesta Apothecary - return your empty jar for $1 off
Chiya Chai
- return your empty bottle for $1 off your next purchase of the product


At Tare Market, we work with many brands that offer closed-loop programs on their products. These companies take their products back for in-house recycling.

Davids Toothpaste Keys
Albatross Razor Blades
- please bring back used blades (any brand) in an envelope or other protective sleeve and add it to our "Gillette" recycling bin in the front of the store
Simple Ecology
Silicone Products
Stasher Bag Silicone Products


We offer an in-store opportunity to recycle items that typically cannot go into your curbside bin. We ship these to a special recycling facility.

Please note that we have a small space and may not be able to accept large amounts of recycling at one time. Please call ahead if you are bringing more than 1 grocery bag full so that we can verify we have the space to accept your items.

Shoes via Sneaker Impact - Recycle your gently used sneakers to keep them out of landfills and help create opportunities for people in need.
Plastic Cards via Terracycle - Bring in any plastic card (credit card, gift card, etc.) for a sustainable recycling option. Please cut up cards with sensitive information.
Gillette® via Terracycle - Recycle all brands of blades, razors, and plastic packaging.
GoGo squeeZ® via Terracycle - Recycle all brands of squeezable snack plastic pouches and caps.
Candy & Snack Wrappers via Terracycle - Recycle any brand and size of flexible plastic-based candy and snack packaging and wrappers.
Colgate® via Terracycle - Recycle all brands of toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes and pacaging, and dental floss containers.
Saks Beauty Recycling Program - All brands of empty cosmetics, haircare, and skincare packaging, such as:
Cosmetics: plastic and glass tubes, pots, pumps, sprays, lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss tubes, cases, and caps, mascara tubes, eyeliner pencils and cases, eyeshadow and bronzer cases, foundation packaging, powder cases, eyeshadow and concealer tubes and sticks
Haircare: shampoo and conditioner bottles, caps, and pumps, hair gel and styling product tubes and pots, non-aerosol hair spray bottles, triggers, and pumps
Skincare: body lotion and body wash bottles and caps, face cream and sunscreen tubes and pumps, cleanser and serum packaging, soap bottles and dispensers. Not accepted items include: Aerosols, cardboard packaging, electronic or battery-powered items, makeup wipes and sponges, nail polish, perfume, reusable cotton pads and cloths, wooden pencils and makeup brushes, sharps, broken glass, and razors.


We accept up to 5 jars at a time. All jars/bottles/containers must be clean and have a matching lid. We cannot accept any jars or bottles with pumps or droppers as they are difficult to clean.

We cannot accept any pasta sauce, salsa, pickle jars, or any jars from other highly fermented foods as they hold the scent.

All donations must be submitted to a Tare Market associate. Our staff inspect the jars to make sure they fit our requirements, then we wash and sanitize each container before adding it to our kiosk.

Examples of donations we love: mason jars, plastic yogurt containers, nut butter jars, Talenti gelato containers, kombucha bottles.
Community Recycling Donation

Community Recycling Donation

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TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes make recycling convenient and easy. They’re the perfect option for our local shoppers to recycle more and keep trash out of landfills. Everything collected through the Zero Waste Box solution is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be reused instead of sent to landfills. When Tare Market...

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