Vendor Spotlight: Roseline's Candles

Vendor Spotlight: Roseline's Candles

Did you know that most candles contribute waste to the landfill? There’s the wax, the wick, and the container it comes in. At Tare Market, we love our candle maker Roseline Friedrich of Roseline’s Candles. Her candles are sustainably made from start to finish and created with the highest quality ingredients, including 100% soy wax and safe scents for a clean and beautiful burn. The containers are made of 100% recycled glass and can be returned to us for 10% off your next candle.

Born in Cameroon, Roseline moved to Minneapolis at age fourteen. After high school, she attended the University of Minnesota and graduated in 2012. With a background in social work and social services, starting her own candle-making business was not always the plan. She once took a candle-making class while on vacation and brought her new skills home with her, where she began learning and experimenting with making her own candles. She hosted a candle-making party for friends and family in December, 2019. Since minimizing waste and recycling are important to her, she provided repurposed jars for her guests to make their candles in.

As word about her hobby began to spread, Roseline started receiving messages from friends and strangers alike asking to buy her candles. Her next step was setting up a website so people could purchase her candles online. During spring and summer 2020, with more free time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to focus more effort into making candles from her home. She officially registered her business in August 2020, and her success and reach have only increased from there.

Since then, Roseline has opened her own storefront, Roseline’s Place, in Northeast Minneapolis. Alongside 25+ delicious fragrances of 100% soy candles, you can find locally crafted goods from other sustainable makers in her space. One of her goals is for every item in her store to be plastic-free. 

When Roseline’s candles arrive at Tare Market, they are delivered personally by Roseline or a member of her team. They come packaged using BPI-certified compostable materials and recyclable tape. By purchasing one of Roseline’s candles from us, not only are you supporting two local, women-owned businesses, you are also supporting a zero waste, closed loop production system. Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your candle, return the jar to us for a discount off your purchase of a new candle. We return your jar to Roseline, who reuses them endlessly to make more candles. 

We are so thankful for Roseline and the work that she does, not only for our local community, but for the zero waste community as a whole. She has shown us that with creativity, you can reduce your waste and indulge a little, too. Show your support by connecting with Roseline on Facebook or Instagram, or by bringing home one of her candles today.

At Tare Market, sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. When we introduce new products into our space, you can be certain that they align with our values and have been thoroughly vetted by our team. We take pride in supporting our local Minneapolis community by sourcing zero waste products from makers who live and work right in our neighborhoods.

Roseline’s Candles are part of our Black History Month collection, featuring our favorite eco-friendly products from BIPOC makers. See which candle fragrances we have in-store and browse the rest of our collection here!


Written by Rachel, Tare Market Store Manager




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