Kick Off Summer Right with These Eco-Friendly Activities

Kick Off Summer Right with These Eco-Friendly Activities

As temps get warmer and days get longer, summer beckons us outdoors to enjoy the sunshine & warmer weather! We hope that you can make the most of the summer months (especially after the long winters here in Minnesota), while also  incorporating some eco-friendly activities into your plans! 

Enjoy nature while contributing positively to the environment with these eco-friendly activities:

Bike Rides

Swap your car for a bike! While the weather is nice out, grab your helmet and bike around your city. Cycling is not only a great exercise, but also a zero-emission mode of transport! Try biking to work, encouraging group bike-nights and get togethers, or even a date night! 

In Minnesota, we are blessed to have a ton of bike trails and paths all over the city to get you from one place to another — and many are incredibly scenic too. All Trails is a great app for you to find biking (as well as hiking and walking) trails in your town. 

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Lake, Beach or Street Clean Ups

Next time you’re out for a walk, whether at the local lake or park, alongside a river, or just around town, make a difference by cleaning it up! You’re walking the path anyways, why not clean it up along the way?

Bring a garbage bag or bucket and gloves with you so you can pick up any trash or recyclable items that may be lining the sidewalk, or stuck in the grass or water edge. 


Now that it’s warm out – it’s time to garden! Take advantage of the longer days by starting a garden at home. Whether you have a spacious backyard, a small balcony, or a window-sill, you can grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs with any space. Gardening not only provides you with fresh and organic produce, whenever you want it, but also helps to support local ecosystems and pollinators. Plus, you get the satisfaction of growing your own food! 

If you don’t have space to start your own garden, consider getting a plot or volunteering to help at a local community garden. Not only do you get to grow your own vegetables at the community garden, you get to meet and interact with your community members as well as learn about the entire process of growing your own food. 

For Minneapolis residents, you can learn more about local community gardens here and for St. Paul residents here

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Nature Walks and Hikes with the Family 

Reconnect with nature and explore the beauty of our environment by going on nature walks or hikes at your local parks, trails and state parks! Nature hikes and walks are great for your health — but be sure to stay on designated paths to minimize your impact to the environment. Bring a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack with you and some snacks to keep you energized. 


Plan a camping trip this summer and support your local state parks by reserving a campsite and exploring the state park trails and nature! Make sure you are also packing responsibly and practicing the Leave No Trace principle so you pack out what you pack in. 

While you’re at it, this is also the perfect opportunity to bring reusable items like enamel mugs, utensils and more to reduce waste. 

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Upcycling Fun with Friends & Family

Get together with friends, or spend quality time with the family by incorporating some upcycling activities into your schedule. DIY things like bird feeders using empty plastic bottles or milk cartons, or upcycle recyclables such as cans and jars into planters for herbs and flowers! 

These activities are not only fun and a great way to enjoy the outdoors and warmer weather, but also make a positive difference for the planet while creating lasting memories with friends and family. 

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